new card

I designed a new business card using my italian bicycle girl from the last post. My old business card was of a similar theme although this new one reflects me much better I think. Redesigning a business card is like reinventing your identity! They must have done studies on this, I'm sure.


orange said...

lovely rutzerr

i like ur color swatches a lot..and u really do have this affinity for blue don't you?

looks very nice
hope ur well

nick said...

really nice jenny..thumbs up!

Closet Space said...

thats so pretty and delicate... now I wanna fix mine!!

Looking forward to working with you at Core in a few weeks! :)

Anna Gopin said...

Love the texture and the colors!
very charming

Spaceturtle said...

berry CUTe!

Chingyi said...

i love it, it's nice and wonderful!
great card design!

ken said...

really nice work here!

Mr. W said...

Love the new card sista! hope all is well.

Cliff Mitchell said...

Hi Jennie,

I am glad too have come across your blog, I loved your short film "No one but you" and love your new stuff.