Check out my new website! After many years of being on my to do list, I can happily cross it off.



These are from a private session of life drawing with my sister dressed as a sexy retro waitress, inspired after a session of doctor sketchy's in Toronto.



A new watercolor painting inspired by my trip to the carnevale in Viareggio, Italy and by the original poster which was initially designed by Uberto Bonetti in the 1930's. You can read about the trip and see photos on my travel blog at followyourrutz.blogspot.com.


Some initial doodles for the song 'who ya callin pics' by Pheonix Imago. Visit the site whoyacallinpigs.org and click a few buttons to show your support and help us get sponsored to make a music video, complete with singing and dancing piggies.


Some images I created for a friend's website, pathlesstrodden.com. The bottom image illustrates the 7 steps to the life of your dreams: 1. Feel the grass beneath your feet 2. Pick your spot on the horizon 3. Study the map 4. Clear the path 5. Use your toolkit 6. Overcome obstacles and 7. Pause at checkpoints. The free PDF guide will be available on her website soon.


A quick sketch of a sculpture at the Galleria dell' Accademia in Florence, which is also home to Michelangelo's David.



A real oldie that I did after watching the film 'Waitress' when it was in theatres. I love the parts when she imagines the pies!



Above is the final cover design for the wellness daytimer I've created with my friend, Katie, as well as some of the illustrations which are found inside the daytimer accompanied by health tips, recipes, and exercises.



I finally did a photoshoot with the outfit I created last year! I have now crossed over to join my character in the cartoon realm. More pics to come...



These four paintings are currently displayed at Hittite Gallery in Toronto (107 Scollard St) until June 26. The photos didn't turn out too well so it's much better to see them in person!




This is a cover mock-up for a Wellness Dayplanner I'm working on with a friend.


This was a Christmas present painting for my friends Kyle and Char, and their baby Ewan! The theme was....sasquatch! I broke out the gouache for this one.



I've been enjoying making cards for friends and family lately. These were done with watercolor, acrylic, and photoshop.


pink vines

Here's a somewhat recent charcoal life drawing that I pinked up.



This is a design for an outfit I'm going to make with fabric from existing clothes which I picked out at 69 Vintage Buy the Pound. Now if only I can get Agness Deyn to model it...


etiquette in japan

This is the first bicycle girl I sketched 3 years ago, and she's the last of 3 finished 'bicycle etiquette' illustrations. Next up is India, Australia, perhaps Germany? I suppose America, as a continent, is feeling a bit left out.... but it'll have it's turn too if it's patient!



After MUCH neglect, here is a new post. More to come soon.....



This is a painting created with my friend, Jill, on a big canvas with acrylics. It will be hanging on a wall in her new apartment, brightening up her living room and satisfying her boyfriend's love for all things "owl".


etiquette in france

An addition to the 'bicycle etiquette' theme, concieved and drawn a long time ago. Upon revisiting it recently, it was magically completed before I even knew what happened!



I began this scribble with intensions of drawing some of the androgenous fashions from last season, however, it ended with me dressed in charlie chaplin's clothes AND moustache....?



I watched a film called "thirteen" about evil teenage girls. Makeup, smoking, drugs, alcohol, boys, thongs, peircings, stealing, swearing, self mutilation, the film didn't really leave anything out. The main character transformed from a sweet girl who wore cartoon t-shirts and colored socks, into her mother's worst nighmare (pictured above) when she befriends the "cool girl" in school. It's strange to see kids acting like they are adults, smoking and wearing makeup, it's so awkward. I wonder if most people erase their teenage years from their memory after they survive them....


the purples

I definately want to polish this one up and add some background. Perhaps a bumpy cobble stone street and maybe a lampost and some european style shops.


Some quick wacom sketches.....I should really take these a step further but for now, it is what it is.


new card

I designed a new business card using my italian bicycle girl from the last post. My old business card was of a similar theme although this new one reflects me much better I think. Redesigning a business card is like reinventing your identity! They must have done studies on this, I'm sure.


etiquette in italia

Part of a series of "etiquettes" and an idea for a TV series full of bicycles, culture, and young girls travelling the globe. Somewhat educational and lots of fun! Like a Sesame Street equivalent for older kids. Just now I had a flashback to the old "Chipmunk's Adventure" movie, that was so cool. Does anyone else remember that movie? Anyway, it might be kind of like that. Kinda:)


big coat

Inspired by the big collared coats of the season. I was playing with the saturation of the colors and how they affect each other; specifically how neighboring color influences the pure grey tones.



As lately I've been feeling rather impatient, I cleaned up this drawing with the wacom, and the shifty color method seems to disguise that a bit. Although it happened by chance, I feel that the 1960s and limes fit together nicely, however I have no explaination for that statement:)



Another photoshoped life drawing, very spontaneous colors.


I've been throwing some color onto my life drawings in photoshop. It's quick and fun!



I scanned in a messy sketch and decided to use the pen tool to clean it up. I think I'm finally getting the hang of that thing. The drawing is a caricature of Ashley Olsen.